The Little Catholic University that Could: How Ukrainians are Reshaping the Face of Higher Learning

Interview by Ashton Osmak Fr. Borys Gudziak, Rector of Lviv’s Ukrainian Catholic University, has more than just hope for the future of higher education in Ukraine. He has a mission: “It may sound bold, but we are trying to rethink what it means to be a university in the 21st century.” The claim is bold, … Continue reading

Ukraine Embarks on Nation Branding Campaign

By Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Partner, CFC Consulting Engulfed in corruption and languishing at the bottom of the leading indexes measuring the ease of doing business and the economy’s competitiveness, Ukraine has launched a high-profile advertising campaign on CNN International and BBC World. A series of spots entitled Ukraine: All About U aims to raise awareness about the country, … Continue reading

Ukraine’s Age of Activism

By Andriy Kohut, Kyiv-based Political Activist Coinciding with President Viktor Yanukovych’s election in early 2010, a period of relative social peace has ended, and civic activism has again become popular. The social movements that took place between the Orange Revolution and Yanukovych’s electoral victory were characterized by several trends, among them: many civic leaders shifted … Continue reading

Money Trumps Historical Culture as Kyiv Gets New Facelift

By Daniel Fedorowycz, M.A. Candidate, CERES Strolling down one of downtown Kyiv’s historic streets, it’s hard not to notice the crumbling and disheartening state of many of its architectural monuments, which once stood proudly as a testament to Kyiv’s grandeur as an age-old urban centre. Today, however, these buildings are often left neglected and abandoned … Continue reading

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