National Interests on Trial: Flawed Logic in a Flawed Political System

By Nadiya Kravets, University of Oxford DPhil Politics Photo Gas Politics Care of Although much has been said in the Ukrainian press about the trial of Yulia Tymoshenko, it is still unclear what she is on trial for. For abusing her executive powers as a Prime Minister when signing the gas agreements in 2009? … Continue reading

Холодне освітнє літо 2011/Cold summer of education – 2011

В Україні літо — це гаряча пора. Не тільки тому, що температура висока. Літом відбувається вступ до університетів. Абітурієнти мучаться із вибором навчального закладу та чергами на здачу документів до нього ж. Працівники університетів заклопотані збором документів та намаганням отримати більше бюджетних місць на навчання студентів. Студенти ж, як правило, на відпочинку — їм гаряче … Continue reading

Ukraine Embarks on Nation Branding Campaign

By Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Partner, CFC Consulting Engulfed in corruption and languishing at the bottom of the leading indexes measuring the ease of doing business and the economy’s competitiveness, Ukraine has launched a high-profile advertising campaign on CNN International and BBC World. A series of spots entitled Ukraine: All About U aims to raise awareness about the country, … Continue reading

Thoughts on March 8th

By Tamara Martsenyuk, Assistant Professor at National University of “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” From when I was in kindergarten, I remember that on the edge of winter we used to exchange presents between boys and girls. Firstly, girls give presents to boys on February 23 – the Day of the Soviet Army. And it did not … Continue reading

The Many Faces of Ukraine and The Roles They Play

Thank you for joining in and ‘Watching Ukraine’ with us. In the first month we have had over 2,500 views of our blog. We are pleased to have followers at Oxford, Columbia, Princeton, the Guardian, the BBC, Ukr Pravda, Tyzhden’, Oxford Analytica and the Economist and even in the President’s Administration (I guess they are … Continue reading

To Kill A Journalist – Again?

By Marta Dyczok, Associate Professor of History and Political Science, University of Western Ontario Imagine browsing a newspaper one day and finding an article by a fellow journalist speculating that you might be the target for a killing. This happened to Serhiy Leshchenko on January 26, 2011. The Ukrainian newspaper, Izvestiya in Ukraine, ran the … Continue reading

Yanukovych’s Judicial Reform: Power & Policy

By Peter Solomon Jr., Professor of Political Science, Law and Criminology, University of Toronto Within a mere four months from the formation of a working group to adoption, the Yanukovych team produced in July 2010 a major law on the judiciary and the courts. Addressing long standing issues such as the system of judicial appointment and … Continue reading

Kyiv’s Non-Mayor & Yanukovych’s Power Vertical

By Dan Peleschuk, Student Editor The mysterious weeks-long absence of notorious Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky has finally ended, but speculation has only grown as to whether his hiatus is connected to President Viktor Yanukovych’s consolidation of power. Chernovetsky, who has been mayor since 2006, had “gone missing” from Kyiv before the New Year and left … Continue reading

Ukraine’s Age of Activism

By Andriy Kohut, Kyiv-based Political Activist Coinciding with President Viktor Yanukovych’s election in early 2010, a period of relative social peace has ended, and civic activism has again become popular. The social movements that took place between the Orange Revolution and Yanukovych’s electoral victory were characterized by several trends, among them: many civic leaders shifted … Continue reading

The Faces of Ukraine: A Generational Separation

By Tetyana Dzyadevych, XXX A spectre is haunting European Ukraine — the spectre of communism. It is a generational spearation, or an “age gap” if you prefer. There are different approaches on how to define a generation. But in my opinion, we have in Ukraine today two generations: one which was born in the Soviet … Continue reading

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